Vietnam dong, gold rates – May 10

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SNAPSHOT-Vietnam dong, gold rates – May 10

HANOI, May 10 (Reuters)Here’s a snapshot of Vietnamese dong exchange rates in the official and unofficial markets, indicative SJC gold prices in Hanoi, and interbank offered rates at 3:14 GMT.

May 10

USD/VND mid-point



USD/VND interbank



USD/VND unofficial



SJC gold (mln dong/tael)


NOTES: The State Bank of Vietnam sets the mid-point rate on a daily basis and allows dollar/dong transactions to move in a band of +/- 5% around the mid-point.

The dong’s exchange rate against other currencies is not restricted by a band. Interbank offered rates are the latest indicative bid/ask prices, quoted from market sources.

One tael is equivalent to 37.5 grams or 1.21 troy ounces. SJC gold prices are quoted by state-owned Saigon Jewelry Co.

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Reporting by Phuong Nguyen

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