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Make your trading easy with an expert advisor that will open your trade & set your SL and TP, all on its own

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Long & Short Only

To enable only buy trades in the CTS 5 Live EA, set “Long” to true and “Short” to false. For only sell trades, do the opposite: set “Short” to true and “Long” to false.

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Stop Loss, Take Profit, Break Even

The EA features options for Stop Loss, Take Profit, Breakeven, and Lot Size.

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The EA includes an Alarm function. Set it to true for trade open alerts, or false for silence. If previously true and beeping, switch to false to stop the beeping.

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Over Movement & Ranging Control

The MAX_Threshold controls excessive market movement, mitigating risks of trend changes. The MIN_Threshold manages periods of low movement or ranging markets.

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Trade Time Window

Set specific trading times by adjusting the Start and Stop Trading Time parameters. Note that it uses your local military time.


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CTS 5 Live Expert Advisor


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