USD ISM Services PMI

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The United States ISM Services Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) for January 2024 exhibited a significant upturn, signaling a robust expansion in the service sector. The index increased to 53.4, marking the 13th consecutive month of growth following a single month of contraction in December 2022. This rebound is attributable to enhanced performances across new orders, employment, and supplier deliveries. Industry reports highlight growth in sectors such as Healthcare, Agriculture, and Professional Services, amidst caution due to inflation and geopolitical uncertainties.

Key highlights from the report include a notable rise in the Prices Index and a mixed performance in inventories. The report also reflects optimism regarding the economy, partly due to anticipated interest rate cuts, despite ongoing cost pressures. The diverse industry feedback underscores the complexity of current economic conditions, with concerns ranging from supply chain disruptions to the impact of global events on transportation and commodity prices.

The January 2024 Services PMI suggests a positive outlook for the overall economy, correlating to a 1.5-percent increase in real GDP on an annualized basis. This data not only reflects the resilience of the U.S. services sector but also emphasizes the critical role it plays in the broader economic landscape​​.

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