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ISLAMABAD: Telephone Industries of Pakistan (TIP), an arm of the Ministry of Defence Production (MoDP), criticised the National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC) for not awarding it a contract and making unprofessional remarks. In a letter to Chief Engineer (MP&M) NTDC, CEO TIP-Shemar referred to NTDC letter maintaining that the response (reasons cited therein for not accepting its offer) did not seem appealing and TIP-Shemar has severe concerns over the remarks of an unsuccessful bid.

The TIP’s CEO dispatched the following comments in regards: (i) TIP-Shemar has received the letter on April 2, 2024. Due to Eid holidays, it was not able to respond on time and fourteen days for response time be granted; (ii) TIP-Shemar wrote a letter for extension of bid twice in response to NTDC’s letter. Third time, the NTDC wrote a letter for the same request on March 28, 2024 and published the evaluation report on March 29, 2024. Therefore, the assertions put by NTDC as a non-responsive entity are not appropriate, since TIP’s bid is still valid until the issuance of NTDC letter; (iii) TIP-Shemar has shared all the experience related documents with project Enclosures to meet the Technical & Manufacturing/Supply Experience as per the bid requirement.

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However, if there was any ambiguity/misunderstanding to the evaluation team, it can be clarified in real time from NRTC, whereas we have not received any inquiry/letter/explanation from NTDC; (iv) Shemar’s independent experience is quite relevant as per requirements to qualify for the project, therefore, NTDC comments that TIP Shemar does not meet technical and manufacturing experience is inadmissible to TIP Shemar; (v) TIP is the state-owned organization (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the NRTC under Ministry of Defense Production). Hence, there is no problem of financial parameters. If the NTDC has some reservation, it should communicate to TIP; and (vi) TIP-Shemar has invested a lot in this product in order to save foreign exchange of the country. By considering these, it is requested to provide a chance to TIP-Shemar in order to save about 20 percent of the cost.

The TIP-Shemar noted that its letter may be considered as a strong protest, adding that being a state-owned organization with a vision to indigenize the manufacturing sector, the TIP has requested the NTDC to reconsider bid evaluation and award of contract.

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