US stocks open mixed with the NASDAQ higher. Dow lower. S&P near unchanged

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The Dow industrial average has been up for six consecutive days, but is moving lower trading today.

Meanwhile the NASDAQ index which has been down for two consecutive days is trading marginally higher higher.

Yesterday the S&P closed the day virtually unchanged. It is currently trading unchanged (well up 0.01%).

A snapshot of the market currently shows:

  • Dow industrial average -35.62 points or -0.09% at 39020.78
  • S&P index up 1.0 points or 0.02% at 5188
  • NASDAQ index of 15.10 points or 0.09% at 16317.86.

The small-cap Russell 2000 is up 2.62 points or 0.13% at 2057.85.

US yields ahead of the 30 year bond auction at 1 PM ET are mixed with the shorter end lower in the longer end higher:

  • 2-year yield 4.21%, -1.9 basis points
  • 5-year yield 4.499%, -0.2 basis points
  • 10 year yield 4.500%, +1.7 basis points
  • 30-year yield 4.665%, +3.4 basis points

looking at other markets:

  • Crude oil is trading up $0.20 at $79.24. Hamas delegates did leave Cairo after failing to secure an agreement with Israel on a cease-fire
  • Gold is trading up $12.49 or 0.54% at $2320.97
  • Bitcoin is trading at $61,145. The high price reached $61,757. The low price today is at $60,634.

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