Muslim world: There is no normalisation of ties with Israel: Raisi – Pakistan

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ISLAMABAD: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Monday said that Iran is being told everything can end if it chooses normalisation with Israel, which is the most hated country for genocide of the Palestinian.

President Raisi, who is on a three-day official visit to Pakistan, was speaking at an event here, organised by the Embassy of Iran. “What we face, we are told everything can end if we do normalisation with Israel. They forget Israel is an oppressor and it faced an embarrassing defeat when Operation Al Aqsa storm happened,” the Iranian president said.

He said that Iran wants unity among Muslim countries. “We would always fight against oppression and we have always stood for the oppressed worldwide, that’s our policy,” he added. President Raisi strongly condemned the international community’s inaction to stop the Palestinian genocide in the ongoing Israeli aggression. “If the issue of Israel is resolved, all issues will be resolved. The Zionist regime will face defeat in Quds… The system will face defeat. We have seen how Western countries supported Israel and due to this we are witnessing oppression and destruction,” he said, adding that this is only possible because of the US and Western countries’ support. “They [the Western countries] said if Israel and Iran normalise, then things will end…After Operation Al-Aqsa storm, Israel faced humiliation and defeat. Now we see that there is no normalisation of ties with Israel of the Muslim world,” he said. President Raisi said that Israel is the most hated country in the world due to its oppressive behaviour. “Even the US is trying to distance itself from the Zionist regime,” he maintained.

He also commended the people of Pakistan for supporting the Palestinians, saying that people of Pakistan have been on the streets against Israeli oppression. He added that it is a matter of great sadness that so many lives have been lost in Gaza because of the Israeli oppression. About Pakistan-Iran relationship, he said that relations between Iran and Pakistan are not just of two neighbours but it expands beyond this aspect.

“Our religious and cultural exchanges make this relationship invincible,” he said. He said during his interaction with the Pakistani leadership, they had productive discussions and would want to expand cooperation in all fields. About the threat of Daesh, he said that Daesh was created for the purpose of creating chaos in the Muslim world. “Who created and supports Daesh….?, everyone knows,” he added. About the Iranian Islamic revolution, he stated that the question is that why the people of Pakistan like Islamic revolution? “It was because it was against the oppression. I remember that since the next day of the Islamic revolution, people of Pakistan liked Imam Khomeni and Khamanei,” he maintained.

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