Below is a video showing how to make a profile to watch multiple charts of a same currency on one screen.

Below is a video showing my analysis for Gold. . 13th July, 2019

Below is a video showing how I wait for the setup to build and once the setup is ready I make the entry. Very easy and by the book. 12th July, 2019

Below is the weekly recap for the week ending 06-28-19.

The video below shows that how you can trade any Indices or commodity or metal or any other instrument which you can have on MT4 easily using this “Magic IB System”.

The video below is showing how you can trade GBP-USD or any other pair using weekly highs and lows.

Showing how to use my weekly chart and make good entries using my “Magic IB System in GBP-AUD & EUR-AUD piars.

Please watch these videos below in sequence to see how we can place a pending order where we are expecting a possible turn and a ” Magic IB Setup “but we have to go away from the computer and we are afraid that we will miss the trade.

USD-JPY “Magic IB Setup And Execution.